Our History

Charlottesville’s Original Diner.

Our Building Was Built in the Late 1880′S and There Has Been a Restaurant on the First Floor since 1912. The Restaurant Was Called Club Cafe in the 1930′S and Has Been Known as the Nook since 1951. It Was Purchased, and Reopened in February 2007. It Features a Beautiful Outdoor Cafe, Original Mahogany Booths, and Daily Specials at Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner.

Breakfast Served All-Day, Every day, 7 Days a Week.

Homemade Twice-Baked Meatloaf, Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice, Thick Applewood Smoked Bacon, Always Fresh Burgers and Chicken Breasts, Cocktails and Highballs, Complete Children’s Menu, Gourmet Mac N’ Cheese, the City’s Best Milk Shakes, BIG Salads, and Organic Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans, Ground One Pot at a Time. At the Nook, Lagniappes Abound!


You’ll Get That Side of Cranberry Sauce with Your Hot Turkey Sandwich and Coleslaw with Your Hot Roast Beef Sandwich. We Peel and Mash Our Potatoes, All of Our Deli Meats Are Roasted in Small Batches in Baltimore, We Make All Our Soups, Sauces, and Dressings. Even Our Jumbo Dill Spears Are Cut by Hand. We Use Artisan Quality Breads and Top of the Line Crinkle Cut Fries. It’s the Little Things That Keep Our Customers Coming Back for More!


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Mac & Cheese

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